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1. Understand your own needs, choose according to your needs? At present, most of the scooters on the market are mainly lightweight, portable, fully functional, but also have limitations. Extreme demands on one function mean a compromise on another. If you need a scooter with a long battery life, it means that the battery capacity is very large, and the weight of the whole car will certainly not be light. If you need a lightweight, portable scooter, it means that the body will be small and probably less comfortable to ride.

2. What is the right range for the range? The capacity of the battery determines the range. If you are an ordinary consumer, the mileage is about 30km, the price is more moderate, and it can also meet the needs of short-distance travel. If you need to travel a long distance, the mileage can not be less than 50km, and the battery will be very large and the price will be very expensive.

3. Is the vehicle weight portable? One of the attractions of electric scooters is portable, lightweight, convenient, can enter the elevator, into the subway, on the bus, can be portable. If you need to carry it into the subway and get on the bus, then the volume of the car should be smaller, and the weight should be within 15kg. If it is mainly placed in the trunk, occasionally on the subway and the like, the car weighs about 20kg. If the weight is higher, it cannot be counted in the portable range.

4. Does the motor power meet the climbing? Usually the power of electric scooters is around 240W-600W. The ability to climb, in addition to the motor power, and voltage is also related, in the same case, 24V240W climbing force is not as good as 36V350W climbing force. If the slope of the road section of the usual travel is more, it is recommended to choose a voltage of more than 36V and a motor power of more than 350W. If you need to climb the underground garage, then it is best to choose more than 48V500W, so that the motor can also play a better protection.

5. When is the after-sales service of the merchant thoughtful? Choosing a business with a good service attitude can make you more comfortable in the whole process. Electric scooters are not like other FMCG products, in the process of use, may encounter some problems, we can not solve themselves, we need the help of the merchant. Therefore, after-sales service is also the choice point for buying scooters.

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